Presentations given on Hybrid Parks workshops, study tours and conferences


Final Conference, 15.-16. September 2014, Cologne

Presentation by: Evamaria Küppers-Ullrich
Sustainable Urban (Re) Development in North Rhine-Westphalia

Presentation by: Wolfgang Rembierz
Green Spaces and Urban (Re) Development in Spatial Planning

Presentation by: Pawel Kojs
Environment: Public Awareness

Presentation by: Jens Spanjer, Christian Gruessen
The Future of Parks, Gardens and Green Infrastructure (Hybrid Parks Model – Step One)

Presentation by: Cecilia Liljedahl
Sustainable development of urban areas using the park and urban gardening as a platform and a tool for social integration and user participation

Presentation by: Geoffroy de Longuemar
“Art in Gardens” – Protection of Heritage

Presentation by: Ed Bennis
Garden Shows and Festivals

Presentation by: Jens Spanjer, Christian Gruessen
Development Options and Resources – What next? (Hybrid Parks Model – Step Two)

Presentation by: Katja Ecke
EU Interregional Cooperation – State of Play and Perspectives


Workshop “Environment 2”, Mikolow (Poland), 23th-25th July 2014

Presentation by: Lutz Meltzer
Consideration of Climate Change in the Design of Parks and Open Spaces


3rd Open Conference, Rhodes (Greece), 26th-28th June 2014

Presentation by: Antonis Hatziioannou
EUROPEAN HYBRID PARKS – Planning and action of the Region of South Aegean

Presentation by: Katerina Tsakmakidou
How Cities Could Use Parks & Green Spaces for Climate Change Management

Presentation by: Nikolaos Theodoridis
Green Areas: A level for sustainable local development

Presentation by: Lefteris Karagiannis
The case of the Valley of Butterflies: the protection of a unique biotope.

Presentation by: Konstantinos Papadopoulos
The contribution of parks to environmental awareness

Presentation by: Nikolaos Krigas
Sustainable exploitation of wild growing plants: the strategy of the Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia, N Greece

Presentation by: Nikolaos Renesis
The Regional Nursery of South Aegean and the Botanical Garden of Rhodes: Sustainable development and their environmental, social, educational aspects.

Presentation by: Joachim Brocks
„European Garden Association – Natur im Garten International“

Presentation by: Ian Hesketh
Hybrid Parks…more than just a pretty picture?

Presentation by: Gerhard Weber
Ecological maintenance in public and touristic parks

Presentation by: Udo Woltering
European Vocational Competition for Young Gardeners


Workshop “Social 2”, 07.-08. November 2013, Ferrara (Emilia-Romagna)

Presentation by: Silvia Zucconi, Chiara Volpato
Agriculture for leisure in Italy: from hobby to urban farming

Presentation by: Giorgio Prosdocimi Gianquinto, Giovanni Bazzocchi
Urban horticulture in Bologna – A key role for research and training

Presentation by: Manfredi Patitucci
Hybrid Parks and The Allegory of Good Government

Presentation by: Roberta Bartoletti
The new season of urban vegetable gardens in the city of Bologna: intergenerational exchanges and environmental sustainability?

Presentation by: Mariella Carbone
Therapeutic bio-diversity: Nature, landscape, arts and therapy

Presentation by: Gemma Borzacchini
The urban garden project by ANCI Umbria

Film trailer by: Mammuth Film
“God save the green” (link to YouTube)

Presentation by: Lieselott Johansson, Cecilia Liljedahl
The Skäggetorp project in Linköping

Presentation by: Anders Szczepanski
Outdoor training and learning as a place based concept

Presentation by: Geoffroy de Longuemar
The development of a garden route in Brittany

Presentation by: Cecilia Liljedahl
Urban Gardening projects in Sweden

Presentation by: Johannes Blume
The Green Book for Dortmund – Concepts and strategies for the develoment of green spaces

Presentation by: Pawel Kojs, Marzena Osmalak
The Silesian ecological calendar


Study Tour 2, 30. Sept. -02. October 2013, Lower Austria

Presentation by: Dr. Sabine Fischer
Wilderness Dürrenstein

Workshop “Economy 2”, 14.-15. June 2013, Pori (Finland)

Presentation by Jukka-Pekka Flander:
General Introduction of National Urban Park NUP

Presentation by Olavi Mäkelä:
NUP City Planning in Pori

Presentation by Matti Lankiniemi:
Delta, Natura, National Park – continuation of NUP

Presentation by Samuli Saarinen:
National Urban Park Process – Making of the Turku NUP

Presentation by Peter Schantz:
The Royal National Urban Park in Stockholm – lessons from a
perspective of sustainable development

Presentation by Anne Rihtniemi-Rauh
Cases of Finnish National Urban Parks: Porvoo

Presentation by Timo Tuomola:
Cases of Finnish National Urban Parks: Hämeenlinna

Presentation by Jukka-Pekka Halme:
Cases of Finnish National Urban Parks: Hanko


2nd Conference, 13.-15. May 2013, Chester

Presentation by Eleanor Underhill:
Welcome and Introduction to Quarry Bank

Presentation by Stephen Bennett:
An Overview of RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park

Presentation by Martin Moss:
Green Infrastructur – An England Perspective

Presentation by Charlie Seward:
Weaver Valley – A Hybrid Approach to Green Infrastructure

Presentation by Jude Stansfield
Cheshire and Merseyside Public Health Network

Presentation by John Handley:
Parks and Green Infrastructure: Reflections on Their Changing Role and Functions


Workshop “Environment 1”, 17.-18. April 2013, Paola

Speech by Minister Konrad Mizzi

Speech by Mayor Roderick Spiteri

Speech by Charles Deguara

Presentation by Christian Gruessen:
Hybrid Parks and the Environment – Review and Introduction

Presentation by René Attard Part 1, Part 2:
Spatial Planning and Conservation

Presentation by Malcolm Borg:
Pursuing the Idea of a Greener Isle: Viability and Environmental Sustainability

Presentation by Alina Mzyk:
Mikolow – Investments in Environmental Protection

Presentation by Pawel Kojs:
A role of Silesian Botanical Garden in the network of Polish botanical gardens

Presentation by Anu Tuovinen:
Finnish National Urban Parks – A Sustainable Approach to Urban Planning and Conservation

Presentation by Johanna Aaltonen and Jan Tvdry: Landscaping of Vuosaari Landfill Site in Helsinki, Finland: Environment: Raising Public Awareness on Biodiversity in Municipal and Regional Cooperation

Presentation by Roswitha Arnold: Espalier, Fruit and Vegetables: Show Gardens by the LVR


Workshop “Economy 1”, 15.-16. October 2012, Schloss Dyck

Presentation by Evamaria Küppers-Ullrich:
Parks and gardens in North Rhine-Westphalia – current challenges in urban development

Presentation by Michael Schwarze-Rodrian:
Parks and gardens in North Rhine-Westphalia. Regional policies – Emscher Landscape Park

Presentation by Dietwald Gruehn:
Land value increasing effects by open spaces in European cities

Presentation by Jens Spanjer:
Park, gardens and events in Schloss Dyck

Presentation by Pawel Kojs:
How to develop a hybrid park from a botanical garden? Economic aspects

Presentation by Malcolm Borg:
Our mission – The site – Our project

Presentation by Udo Woltering:
Promoting the regional garden resource – the new website by the LWL

Presentation by Caroline Hoppé:
Cheshire’s Gardens of Distinction

Presentation by Paolo Papa and Raoul Segatori:
1st International Conference: Invitation and information


Workshop “Social 1”, 13.-14. June 2012, Lund

Presentation by Ed Bennis:
Cheadle Royal Hospital: A Garden for Alzheimer Patients

Presentation by Jo Sayers:
Changing User Demands in City Parks and Gardens – The Mersey Forest

Presentation by Sam Youd and Caroline Hoppé:
Responses to changing user demands in city park & community gardens and therapy gardens as elements of public parks

Presentation by Eva Bongartz:
What is social about parks and gardens? Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Presentation by Eva Bongartz:
Die soziale Bedeutung von Parks und Gärten (in German)

Presentation by Doris Astleitner and Stefan Streicher:
„Nature in the garden” – idea and overview of therapeutic gardens in Lower Austria

Presentation by Paolo Papa and Mariella Carbone:
A Therapeutic park on Mont Subasio – A pilot project to improve the park and an innovative facility for treating diseases

Article by Patrick Grahn:
Experiencing a Garden: A Healing Garden for People Suffering from Burnout Diseases