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Project partners arranged three study tours with individual emphasis, but all of them also covering a broader range of policies. Study tours improved the exchange of experiences as participants were able to see good practice working and to talk to local experts and stakeholders.

21st – 23rd May 2014: Linköping (Sweden)

The program of the study tour in Linköping focused on the big green parks and major projects characterizing the city and its activities for social inclusion and healthy environments. We started with a visit to the “Old Linköping” where large parts of the old and original urban setting with wooden houses and gardens are preserved. This open air museum is attracting both citizens and visitors from outside. In the evening we went by boat along the Kinda canal which is one of the important blue-green lanes in the region. A presentation by the city’s ecologist showed how the city works actively for biodiversity on water routes and along the canal.

On the second day the participants were welcomed by the city’s mayor in one of the city’s oldest houses. We were given an introduction on the project in the social housing district Skäggetorp. On site we visited some of the enhancement areas in the green areas of this district. This included community gardening and venues for sports, cultural events and communication that were started or enhanced during the project period. We also did practical exercises with Linköping University’s outdoor education expert to experience importance and resources of the outdoor environment for learning and interaction – as it has been practiced throughout the entire project with the people living here.

From there we moved to the city’s pride Horticultural Society, the city park. The park is a large forum where several activities are intermingled and we were introduced to restaurant & cafe, craft, nursery, sports, outdoor education and play for children. Above all, the park is a great green meeting place and recreation spot for residents of Linköping. The City Park is one of the best examples in Sweden for a very active and sympathetic use of city parks. During dinner we had an impressive talk about storytelling and the narrative significance of places.

Day 3 began with a visit to Vreta Clusters where green entrepreneurship meets academia and industry. It is an entrepreneurial mind set with innovations in environmental technology and an ambition to be a creative meeting place for all who work on environmental issues in various industries. We were also informed about the latest technology in cognitive science and possible applications for parks. We had an exchange with a representative from the INTERREG IVB project “Cult Tour”, focussing on parks and tourisms. The future role of public green was one element in the presentation about “Bo2016”, the building exhibition in Linköping in the year 2016.

The study tour ended at the Berg Locks which is one of the largest locks in Sweden and thus an attraction and a green beautiful place for recreation and tourism.

The final agenda is available as download here.

For some impressions visit the picture gallery.

Contact: Liselotte Johansson


30th September – 2nd October 2013: Lower Austria

This study tour was held from 30th September – 2nd October 2013 in Lower Austria. Its focus was on “A Destination for Garden Tourism – Ecological gardening from public to private gardens”.

During the three days, the group (with up to 50 participants) visited some of the good practice examples of projects developed and/or supported by the two Hybrid Parks partners from Austria “Nature in the Garden” and “Garden Platform Lower Austria”. In addition to the very informative guided tours, there were some presentations and time for discussions and exchange of experiences.

The final agenda is still available as download here.

For some impressions visit the picture gallery and for one of the presentations given see this page.

Contact: Sandra Litschauer


13th – 15th May 2013: Cheshire West & Chester (UK)

This first study tour with its economic focus (regeneration and tourism) was one element of the 2nd Open Conference held in Cheshire West and Chester. See this page for details and this picture gallery.